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Netvios is one of the top VR game content publishers in China.
NetVios’ business line covers VR content development, publishing, and distribution in China.
NetVios' mission is bringing the world-class immersive experience to the Chinese players in home
and arcade markets.


VR Games

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LBE VR Solutions

NetVios focuses on bringing the most immersive VR experience to Chinese players by the unique
LBE VR terminal in the 5G era.
"NetVios Mini" is a unique LBE VR terminal in the 5G era building for the offline Chinese market with
the basis of Top VR games from NetEase, Survios, and others.
A revolutionary solution for LBE with high ROI and immersive VR experience.



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Email: partnership@netvios.caytechpools.com

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