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Identity V Christmas Event is Coming

Netease game 1V4 asymmetric competitive mobile game "Identity V" Christmas theme event “Letter on a Snowy Winter Night” officially starts on December 14, Christmas spirit fills the whole place! New Christmas costume, various Christmas furniture, creating your exclusive Christmas Manor. Enjoy a magical Christmas Eve with the Postman by delivering mysterious letters on a snowy night.

Send mysterious letters and unlock special rewards!

On Christmas Eve, the Postman, still hard at work, receives a special mission from a mysterious man to deliver a stack of Christmas blessing letters. It's time to help the Postman pick the most perfect recipient based on these conditions!

After the update on December 14th, visitors can explore the plot and complete check-ins to claim wonderful rewards including Coordinator - Xmas Ensemble and Sculptor - Xmas Ensemble (choose 1 out of 2), Sticker, Event Portrait, Event Portrait frames, and even upgradable B furniture! Get tokens by completing battle tasks and redeem the decorations needed for upgrading, let the Christmas tree warm the snowy Christmas Eve.

New Christmas costumes start the festive party!

Beside the Christmas tree, the Painter and the Postman have already dressed up in their Christmas costumes and put on their Santa hats and share their gifts with The Feaster. With the aurora borealis, the first officer also changes into a warm Christmas costume as a way to travel through the wind and snow in search of the most beautiful stars.

After maintenance on December 7, Evil Reptilian A costume - Christmas Party returned store. After maintenance on December 14, Season 29 Essence 3 containing Postman S costume Christmas Messenger, Painter A costume Cozy Christmas Eve and The Feaster A costume Krampus, and First Officer A Costume Star Seeker will be available. Meanwhile, [Unique Fashion] Bartender - Christmas Outfit, [Unique Fashion] Cowboy - Christmas Outfit and [Unique Attendant] Naughty Bruce return to the Event Store. Barmaid and Cowboy B Costume - Xmas Ensemble., and B Pet - Naughty Bruceare will return.

Christmas elements continue to fill the manor

Lacking a festive touch in your room and hitting rock bottom with the Christmas spirit? Don't worry, part of the Christmas furniture has returned on December 7, with fireplaces, chairs, cabinets, and more. Don't hesitate to pick your favorite furniture to decorate your Room and cheer up the Christmas!

This year, there will also be new furniture to meet visitors, besides the Christmas tree that needs to be decorated by yourselves, after the maintenance on December 14th, the store will be updated with 4 B furniture pieces and 2 A furniture, including elk, snowman, carpet and other classic Christmas representative items.

The Manor has also contributed to the Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas version of the Matching Room is now officially available, so do not forget to say Merry Christmas to each other during the waiting period!

"As the holiday draws near, the Christmas atmosphere in the game becomes even more prominent." Said Ethan Wang, Senior Vice President of NetEase, Inc. "We have prepared a wealth of content, aiming to bring players more joy and surprises. I believe this update will provide an unforgettable gaming experience for everyone. "

After the maintenance on December 21st, the Christmas-themed public map will be available for a limited time. Be sure to invite your friends and relatives who have been with you all year to visit the map and experience snowball fights, ice skating, and performances together.