MuMu Player Update Notes

【MuMu Nebula】V7.0.0.14

1. Fixed the issue of black screen when playing the updated global version of Punishing: Gray Raven.

【MuMu Nebula】 V7.0.0.13

1.Fixed the problem of absence of voice when running PGR;

2.Support 120 high frame rate in PGR.

【MuMu Nebula】V7.0.0.11

1. Fixed the issue where Google Play login and app download fail;

2. Fixed the black screen and crash issues of "Girls' Frontline".

【MuMu Nebula】V7.0.0.10

1. Fixed the issue where "Girls' Frontline" is stuck at startup if locally installed;
2. Fixed the issue where there is no sound in "PGR";
3. Fixed the issue where xapk files are not deleted after installation and will occupy space.

【MuMu Nebula】V7.0.0.6

1. Fixed the issue where "Swordmaster Story" crashes on startup;
2. Fixed the issue where the gun sound disappears in "LifeAfter";
3. Optimized the execution time of disk allocation actions to improve read/write performance;
4. Fixed the issue where "Harry Potter: Magic Awakened" goes black screen after running for a while.