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Infinite Borders Launches Globally on December 1st Alongside First-Ever PC Release

The most prominent strategy game in East Asia is receiving an international release on December 1,with PC gamers finally able to take up the sword for the first time.

GUANGZHOU,China–(December 1st,2023) –NetEase Games,the online games division of NetEase,Inc.(NASDAQ:NTES,HKEX:9999),is proud to announce that Infinite Borders is finally receiving a global release on December 1,2023.This international release marks a double celebration,as Infinite Borders is also coming to PC for the first time and will be available on mobile devices via the App Store and Google Play.

Infinite Borders is the most popular strategy game in East Asia,with tens of millions downloads to date.In Infinite Borders,you will lead armies in the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history,fighting alongside legendary heroes like Cao Cao,Liu Bei,and Lu Bu.You can use mighty warriors to form unique teams,allowing for diverse combinations of generals and battle tactics to defeat your enemies and conquer territory.You can then govern your cities by enforcing special policies,allowing you to guide your nation to prosperity.

The world of Infinite Borders is genuinely grand to behold,with a 2.25 million grid sand table,allowing for truly immersive play in its ancient world.You can command troops into battle in this land,with over 300 Generals available for our collection.It’s possible to take on many roles,such as Fighter or Farmer,Diplomat or Spy,offering you many avenues to victory.Not only will you lead armies in this epic world,but you can also build and manage your estate,earning you resources in the process.

Infinite Borders offers an epic multiplayer experience because there’s a total level playing field with no VIP advantages.This is a game that rewards skill,and it will test your strategic muscles at every turn.Not only can you fight other players,but you can also join Alliances,allowing you to fight alongside people from different countries.

To celebrate the milestone release of Infinite Borders on December 1,there will be several in-game events running that will benefit the new players who take up the sword and join in the fun.These events will from December 1-20,and they include:

●Invite Friends For Rewards–Users who invite friends to join them in Infinite Borders can earn both in-game benefits and real-world rewards.Not only that,but each user can invite up to three friends for Assistance,limited to one support per friend,while also being able to support five friends.This means people on your Friend List can aid you in battle.

●Campaign Support–Within the first eight days of the server launch,players with a faction power above 200 can choose to support one of the five major factions in the Red Cliffs Battle season.Those who take part will receive 20 Commands Tokens.During this event,players can support once per day(up to seven times total)and can change their faction daily.

●Choose Your Generals–During the Red Cliff Heroes event,players with a power of 500 can select one of the event generals as a guest general during this season.These seasonal generals will be removed after the event has concluded,and they cannot be used for disassembling tactics or for advancing identically named characters.

The battle to win the Three Kingdoms has just begun,as players from all around the world gather their banners,mount their horses,and grasp their swords,spears,axes,and bows,in preparation for the epic conflict that draws closer with each passing second.Will you be among the first to carve their name in history and join the legendary heroes on the battlefield?Make sure to check out Infinite Borders at launch on December 1,and follow the game’s social media channels for future updates.

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