MuMu Player Update Notes

【MuMu Player X】V12.0.0.118

1. Added multi-drive to support running multiple emulators at the same time to meet the needs of multiple games and applications in different scenarios;

2. Added the WiFi& setting function, which supports manual proxy adjustment, static IP setting, and SSL certificate modification;

3. Added "Native Controller Mode" to enable users to enjoy games with native controller key mapping and support multi-controller connection;

4. Optimized the support for Intel 12th-gen CPU;

5. Fixed the occasional problem of prompting "not support multi-controller connection";

6. Fixed the abnormal graphics issue of Diablo Immortal when using GTX3060, GTX3080 or other graphics cards;

7. Fixed the problem of abnormal character rendering in "Life Makeover" in Vulkan rendering mode;

【MuMu Player X】V12.0.0.117

1. Optimized the performance of the emulator to improve response speed;
2. Optimized the key and mouse function: support custom adjustment of crosshair's Y-axis sensitivity;
3. Fixed the problem of abnormal screen rendering after rotating screen frequently;
4. Fixed the error of playing videos on YouTube in Browser;
5. Adjusted the unique mouse style of Diablo: Immortal for better in-game display;
6. Fixed the problem that activating low-power mode in PGR because of emulator's low power;
7. Fixed the problem of abnormal display of Dead by Daylight Mobile in "Speed+" mode;
8. Fixed the problem that emulator freezes at 99% after installing Bandicam on PC.

【MuMu Player X】V12.0.0.111

1. Enable emulator to run when Hyper-V is activated;
2. Fixed the crashing issue when "Diablo: Immortal" is started.

【MuMu Player 11】V11.0.0.113

1. Fixed the problem of jumping to Chrome and not being able to start downloading files;
2. Fixed a system crash caused by clicking the back button when playing videos in the Chromium browser;
3. Fixed the issue of unauthorized windows popping up in the Chromium browser when installing downloaded applications;
4. Fixed an issue where the Chromium browser download location was not a shared folder;
5. Fixed an issue with the Chromium browser prompting that Google services need to be installed when playing videos;
6. Fixed the issue of cleaning failure prompted when operating disk cleanup in the setting centre - basic settings;
7. Fixed the problem of some games needing to reload resources after an emulator upgrade;
8. Fixed known problems with overlay installations or update upgrades from Android 9 to Android 11;
9. Fixed pop-ups where the system interface is unresponsive when encountered on a probable cold start, to improve stability;
10. Repaired of external installations of multiple apk's which occasionally now indicate that the installation is complete but no icon is displayed;
11. Fixed the problem that some applications will frequently switch between horizontal and vertical screens after being launched.;
12. Fixed an issue where the overseas games Odin: Valhalla Rising and 신의 탑M: 위대한 여정 were not searchable in Google Play or showed device incompatibility issues;
13. Fixed the occasional stuck or black screen issue with Sky: Children of the Light;

【MuMu Player 11】 V11.0.0.110

1.Fixed Lineage2M startup issue. MuMu is the first Android emulator compatible with Lineage2M, which needs to be changed to "Compatible+" mode in "Advanced Settings" - "Graphics rendering mode";

2. Fixed the problem of abnormal display after RE authorization in Root mode.

【MuMu Player 11】 V11.0.0.109

1. Fixed the problem of the emulator getting stuck after launching the Blue Archive;

2. Fixed the occasional graphics crash when launching Chrome;

3. Optimized memory usage, with a significant reduction in resource usage;
4. Optimized Vulkan texture decoding;
5. Fixed the problem of no pop-up window for Root authorization;
6. Fixed the problem that MuMu Player Android 6 version will be closed during the installation of the update;

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