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Acclaimed Free-to-play Strategy Game Infinite Borders Launches On Steam On December 22

PC gamers can plant their banners and lead glorious battles as Infinite Borders comes to Steam.

GUANGZHOU,China–(December 18th,2023) –NetEase Games,the online games division of NetEase,Inc.(NASDAQ:NTES,HKEX:9999),is proud to announce that Infinite Borders,one of the most popular strategy games in East Asia,will be available on PC via Steam on December 22,2023,following its massive success on mobile devices.

Infinite Borders is already available on Android and iOS devices and will soon become available to many more players thanks to its global debut on Steam on December 22,2023,where it will be free-to-play.Existing players won’t be left out,as the Steam,Android,and iOS versions of Infinite Borders will have full cross-platform support.

Infinite Borders is set in the Three Kingdoms era,where players recruit mighty generals to lead their armies into battle.A great deal of work has gone into ensuring Infinite Border’s historical accuracy,with history professors and other academics aiding in the game’s creation to replicate the feeling of fighting on an ancient Eastern battlefield.This means players can re-enact famous conflicts from ancient Chinese history,such as the Battle of Red Cliffs,and even change the outcome,allowing players to rewrite history.

Already a smash hit in East Asia,Infinite Borders swiftly became one of the most popular strategy games in the region;Infinite Borders lets you form unique teams of skilled generals,use diverse tactics to crush enemies and conquer lands.Once battles are won,you can take up leadership roles,create laws,and protect your realm from invaders.In this ancient land,not only will you be managing your army,but you’ll be building a personal estate and gathering resources.There are many paths to victory,be it Fighter,Diplomat,Spy,or even Farmer;the choice is yours!

The world of Infinite Borders exists over a 2.25 million grid playing field,with a realistic weather system that affects battles,allowing players to immerse themselves in its ancient world.There are over 300 generals to recruit,which can be joined with Alliances,enabling you to fight with players worldwide.Most importantly,Infinite Borders has no Pay to Win mechanics–you gain the upper hand through playing smart,using sound strategies,and forming powerful alliances with other guilds.

The“Steam Launch Celebration”in-game event will run from December 22-31,2023,to celebrate Infinite Borders'global launch on Steam.During this time,players can win prizes on social media.To participate on Facebook,share and comment on the“Ruling the Land”Steam announcement post,or head over to Discord and join in the Steam Online Q&A,providing questions and opinions about the game.Ten winners will be selected on each platform,with Amazon Gift Cards and Discord memberships being some of the prizes on offer.

Furthermore,Infinite Borders will celebrate the Winter Solstice with the"Fishing in the Winter Chill"event.From December 22nd,2023 to January 4th,2024,log in to the game to fish as you enjoy the view of snow at various points of interest.Accumulate sign-ins for a chance to win up to 650 Jades and exclusive limited-time avatar frame rewards.

Infinite Borders already has a massive player base,but those numbers will soon swell once the game launches on Steam.This means there’s no better time to join the battle as new opponents from around the world gather their forces for the ultimate conflict.Be among the first to take part in this epic campaign on December 22,when Infinite Borders launches on Steam,and follow the game’s social media channels for future updates.

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