Release Notes - MuMu Player 11


Release Notes - MuMu Player 11

Welcome to MuMu Player 11 Release Notes. These release notes will familiarize you with all the features and bug fixes added to MuMu Player 11.

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MuMu Player 11 V11.0.0.110 Update Note [2022.04.27]

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1.Fixed Lineage2M startup issue. MuMu is the first Android emulator compatible with Lineage2M, which needs to be changed to "Compatible+" mode in "Advanced Settings" - "Graphics rendering mode";

2.Fixed the problem of abnormal display after RE authorization in Root mode;


MuMu Player 11 V11.0.0.109 Update Note [2022.04.15]

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1. Fixed the problem of the emulator getting stuck after launching the Blue Archive;

2. Fixed the occasional graphics crash when launching Chrome;

3. Optimized memory usage, with a significant reduction in resource usage;
4. Optimized Vulkan texture decoding;
5. Fixed the problem of no pop-up window for Root authorization;
6. Fixed the problem that MuMu Player Android 6 version will be closed during the installation of the update;

7. Fixed the problem that the icons are not updated when Android 11 overwrites Android 9.


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